Aubrie Sellers Releases New Track “Haven’t Even Kissed Me Yet”

Ahead of the release of her sophomore album Far From Home, out February 7th on Soundly Music, singer/songwriter Aubrie Sellers shares poignant new track “Haven’t Even Kissed Me Yet.”

The tender love song showcases Aubrie’s delicate voice and introspective songwriting, laying her emotions bare at the start of a new relationship as she confides, “you’re already playing games with my head, and you haven’t even kissed me yet.” The intimacy and vulnerability of the song are echoed in the track’s Chloé-Aktas-directed acoustic video, featuring Aubrie accompanied solely by her guitar in the same motel room that the film Drive, starring Ryan Gosling, was shot.

“I’ve always been drawn to conversational songs and simple songs that don’t feel too ‘written’,” reveals Aubrie. “With ‘Haven’t Even Kissed Me Yet’ I tried to lay it out exactly as it went down, and I know there are probably other people out there who have felt that exact same thing. No turn of phrase or trying to be overly clever, just the truth.”

“Haven’t Even Kissed Me Yet,” the fifth track released from Far From Home, has quickly become an audience favorite at Aubrie’s live shows and continues to tell the story of an artist coming into her own. Co-produced by Aubrie alongside Frank Liddell, Far From Home was recorded at Sonic Ranch outside of El Paso, TX, which helped contribute to the cinematic soundscapes of the songs on the album.

From beautifully haunting ballads “Far From Home” and “Haven’t Even Kissed Me Yet,” to the ferociously rocking “Drag You Down,” “My Love Will Not Change ft. Steve Earle,” and “Worried Mind,” the songs on the album all complete a narrative about finding comfort in connecting with both ourselves and others. All five released tracks are available instantly upon pre-ordering Far From Home here.